Friday, August 27, 2004

More Crushing Of Dissent... John Ashcroft's Amerika? Funny that the Strib's account of John Kerry's visit to the Minnesota Star Fair yesterday didn't mention this (excerpt of a letter from MN GOP Chairman Ron Eibensteir to Ray Waldron, President, Minnesota AFL-CIO):

Even during the most heated political battles, Minnesotans have always prided themselves on a nonviolent and civil political discourse.

That is why I was shocked to learn that during John Kerry's visit to the State Fair today union members wearing "Laborers for Kerry" t-shirts physically assaulted two College Republicans.

These two college students were peacefully assembled to express their points of view, which is every American's right. What is even more troubling is the fact that this is not the first time that we have seen these tactics from union officials, and DFL and Kerry campaign supporters.

Thugs supporting a candidate using violence to stifle their opponent's freedom of expression at a politcal event? Sounds like the kind of outrage that Nick Coleman, Doug Grow, and Kim Ode of the Star Tribune would be all over doesn't it? I can't wait for their columns this weekend, denouncing this despicable behavior. Yeah, right.

This weekend, the Northern Alliance Radio Network will be broadcasting live from the State Fair on both Saturday and Sunday from noon until 3pm. And we will not be shy about approaching the DFL and union booths to engage in reasonable debate. It sounds like we might have to be prepared for more than just a verbal smackdown if the actions of these union goons yesterday is representative of the approach of Kerry supporters. Be sure to tune in for all the fun on AM1280 The Patriot here in the Twin Cities or via our internet stream.

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