Saturday, August 21, 2004

Northern Alliance Radio Network

Big, big doings on the Northern Alliance Radio Network this afternoon:

Hour 1 - Kerry in Cambodia/Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Talk. A lively discussion featuring two of the blogosphere's superstars of reporting on this issue, Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters and either John Hinderaker or Scott Johnson of Powerline (it doesn't matter which, they're interchangeably stellar).

Hour 2 - You've seen her on Fox News. You've read her on World Net Daily, National Review Online, the New York Post, and on her blog. And now she's all ours for one full hour. It's sexy right wing interment diva Michelle Malkin. She'll be talking about her new book and commenting on all the hot issues in the news. (Including what jerks Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman are.)

Hour 3 - featuring the Great Right Hope of Twin Cities. Yes, a genuinely conservative (he'd say classically liberal) voice in a Twin Cities newspaper. It's Craig Westover, the new editorial contributor to the Pioneer Press. We'll be talking about bias in the media, his path from letter to the editor writer to a by-lined media insider, and about the REAL story behind Mitch Berg's quixotic, inspiring run as the Libertarian Party's endorsed candidate for State Treasurer a few years back.

It all happens today, from 12 - 3 PM (Central). In the Twin Cities you can hear it on AM1280, the Patriot. Worldwide, catch it on the Web - link on the right hand side of this Web page. (Web stream made possible by the fine folks at the Taxpayers League.)

So clear your schedule, mow that lawn tomorrow, tune in, kick back, and enjoy. It's going to be WILD!

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