Friday, August 06, 2004

Not Proud to Be an American

The Minnesota Zoo out in Apple Valley has the only amphitheater in town for outdoor concerts. It's a great spot, out in the woods, right by a scenic little lake, and there's like 10 beer stands, for a venue that holds 1,500 souls, so there's never any waiting. On a beautiful summer night, with the right band, there's not a better place to be in the Twin Cities. And I dare say there's no other venue in town where you can hear music interspersed with the occasional grunt of a musk ox or screech of a chimpanzee in the background.

Last night Steve Earle came to town, and brought some grunting and screeching of his own to the stage:

Outspoken even when it's not an election year, the Nashville rebel played many of his most socialistic songs and built up to two seething new tunes from his upcoming album, "Revolution Starts Now." He saved one of them for an exclamation-point of an encore, telling the FCC, FBI and CIA to stick it: "I can say anything ... because I live in the [expletive] U.S.A."

Well, at least he's not claiming to be a victim of censorship.

I find it hard to believe he whipped up much socialist revolutionary discontent in that beautiful, well-oiled venue, on one of the most beautiful nights of the year. No doubt, happiness abounded. Besides, most local socialists couldn't afford the $39 ticket price.

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