Thursday, August 12, 2004

Pioneer Press Does Good

Craig Westover is one of the two Great Right Hopes of the Pioneer Press. He, along with Mark Yost, has been hired to bring what editor Art Coulson described as:

Someone who brings a different perspective to the table, who doesn't just duplicate what we already have.

Last week I expressed guarded skepticism that these new hires might not be as good as advertised. But I'm happy to say that my concerns were not justified. At least not for today, because Westover delivers a knockout on on the Pioneer Press editorial page. He's got an opinion piece on the Metropolitan Council, the Twin Cities culture of political progressivism, and creeping fascism. Excerpt:

Despite patriotic waving of the red, white and blue and the political rhetoric of individual rights, intellectual and political power in America today practices the "higher objective" of social justice--an admirable goal, but when it mutates into practical politics, it's just another cobblestone on the unimaginable "road to serfdom."

Political progressives question no extension of government power if its stated aim is relieving poverty, preserving the environment, safeguarding public health, creating opportunity or promoting equality. Theirs is a simple and appealing message.

And it's false. And although political progressives can't imagine themselves as dictators, that is precisely the direction they are heading. We need look no further than the recent news for evidence.

Click on over and read more, it's outstanding stuff.

Forgetting the fact that I agree with his political perspective, Westover is enjoyable to read just for the skillfulness of his prose. He's a legitimately good writer. Pioneer Press, my congratulations go out to you. It's an excellent start. Now go out and find six guys (or dolls) just like Westover and we can really start to embrace you.

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