Saturday, October 02, 2004

Chose or Lose ... Your Life?!
The Vote for Change rock tour kicked off this week and with it comes the first blast of reckless, irresponsible, and ideological rhetoric. (The crack legal team at Northern Alliance Radio Network--today from noon to 3 on 1280 AM--is looking into potential copyright infringement, because that's our turf, baby.)

In Pittsburgh, cutie pie, dulcet toned, politically naive Natalie Maines had this to say about the upcoming election:

"We definitely want a regime change, and now that we're getting down to the wire I'm even less afraid to speak out. I just think things are absolutely life or death right now."

A tad melodramatic there Natalie. You want to face life or death, go convince the Iraqi "insurgency" about your sacred rights to the franchise. If Bush wins or loses, nobody is advocating killing Democrats. Internment, maybe. Killing, no. I wish we could get the same assurances from the loyal opposition.

No such luck. This, from local fossil rocker and geriatric punk (don't these guys ever grow up?), Curtiss A:

...the 53-year-old rocker/artist/local legend's latest creation, a T-shirt emblazoned with "Kill Republicans, Not Mourning Doves" on the front, and "Start With Norm [Coleman]" on the back.

"Have we forgotten that all Republicans are criminals?" he rants. "Reagan? Iran-Contra? I don't care how much everybody likes him and thinks he looks like Superman. Fuck him. Fuck Nancy. Fuck Laura [Bush], Nancy, the Bush twins; they should all be eviscerated.

Hee Haw! Rape and mutilate the women! Maybe that's why Curtiss A is supporting Kerry, he's hoping to get some gigs in a post-cut-and-run Iraq. (Lord knows he could use the work.) The rant above could be a number 1 single on the Al Queda Hot Hits chart.

Of course, Curtiss A is most well known for his
annual concert tribute
to John Lennon at First Avenue every December 8 (which I believe is the only paying gig he gets all year--not bad for a "legend".) For consistency purposes, we're hoping he leaves All You Need Is Love' and 'Give Peace a Chance' off the set list this year.

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