Thursday, October 14, 2004

Fascism Ain't What It Used to Be

City Pages editor and drama queen Steve Perry, on the stakes of this election:

On November 2 we won't be voting for anything like the measure of change we deserve the chance to vote for. We will be casting our ballots in a referendum on whether we wish to pause and reconsider our march toward a homegrown American fascism.

I think the only benefit of the upcoming American fascism is the disemployment of people like Steve Perry from positions of power. Really, why go through all the trouble of creating a fascist regime if Steve Perry gets to keep his job? Don't tell me we're going to get stuck with fascism AND Steve Perry. It's the worst of both worlds!

Per usual, the hyper-conformist, lockstep agreement of City Pages' staff produces several varieties of Perry-like paranoia in this week's issue. And it always amuses me to see editorials/articles like these right next to a full page ad for Camel cigarettes or Twin Cities Saturn. Or this hatchet job on Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, brought to you by the fine folks at Denny Hecker's Auto Connection!

Sinclair Broadcasting received heaps of abuse from the media and its advertisers an indignant boycott by the Left for attempting to broadcast testimony from prisoners of war about the effects of John Kerry's antiwar activism on their captivity. I wonder why the City Pages and its advertisers don't ever face a backlash for publishing delusional, defamatory Steve Perry columns every blessed week (or at least every week he's able to make deadline). You can't tell me Denny Hecker agrees with Steve Perry. Because if it's one thing we've learned about socialist revolution, it's bad for business.

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