Monday, October 18, 2004

I Believed The Hype

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for Governor in the California recall election last spring, there was great promotion by many prominent voices on the right, hailing the benefits of this man winning while branded a Republican. To me, the greatest benefit was to use his celebrity and big tent cachet to aid George W. Bush in the presidential election. At the very least, I envisioned Arnold showing up in battle ground states telling the terrorists its "Hasta la vista, baby" for them if George W. is re-elected. Or heading to South Dakota three times a week to call Tom Daschle a Girlie Man for crying on Meet the Press. At the most, Arnold could put California in play for the Republicans, give Barbara Boxer a scare, and make the Democrats fight for that state's treasure trove of 55 blessed electoral votes.

Well, it didn't happen. None of it. It seems the only role Arnold is playing this election season is The Invisible Man. California is securely locked down for the Democrats on all fronts, with nary a peep from the Governator. Perhaps George Will's warning from March 2003 bears repeating:

Republicans, who lost every statewide race last November, might pay a steep price for the fun of dumping Davis. President Bush's chances of carrying California in November 2004, and Republican chances of defeating the hyperliberal Sen. Barbara Boxer, might be better if Californians nurture their anti-Davis grievances for two full years.

And since the GOP convention, Arnold hasn't done squat for Bush in terms of campaigning around the country. Where's Arnold? Man among monkeys, James Phillips, has more on this story.

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