Wednesday, October 20, 2004

An Issue That Hugh Can Really Wrap His Sled Around

From the Republican Party of Minnesota web site:

Yesterday during a campaign stop in Hibbing, John Kerry's running mate, John Edwards stated that he supports allowing snowmobiles in national parks and national forests. Yet according to his own website, John Kerry would reinstate the "Clinton Administration's phase-out of noisy and direct snowmobiles" from national parks and "other sensitive areas." Republican Party of Minnesota State Chair Ron Eibensteiner issued the following statement regarding the Kerry campaign's latest flip-flop.

"John Kerry has been on both sides of just about every issue that is important to the people of Minnesota.

"Yesterday Kerry's running mate told northern Minnesota voters that he supports snowmobiles in national parks. Yet, the Kerry Campaign's own website says that Kerry would reinstate Bill Clinton's ban of snowmobiles in national parks.

"John Kerry will say anything to get elected."

I was for the snowmobile ban before I was against it?

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