Friday, October 01, 2004

Moving On, Leaving Beliefs Behind

The folks were watching the debate last night and they're pretty excited about John Kerry's performance today (from an e-mail I received):

The debate last night was a make-or-break moment in our campaign to win back the White House. Today the verdict is in: with confidence and conviction, Kerry made the case against Bush's disastrous foreign policy -- and Bush couldn't take the heat.

Kerry's win last night will transform the presidential race. As voters get to actually meet the man Karl Rove has demonized, they realize he presents a serious alternative to Bush's reckless policy of endless war.

They also plan to follow up this weekend by hitting the editorial pages:

Over the weekend, Americans will look to the letters-to-the-editor pages of their local newspapers to confirm their perceptions about the candidates and their performances. Please take a few minutes today to write a letter highlighting how Kerry confronted Bush with the truth and the way that it rattled and angered him. We've set up an online tool that highlights some key talking points and makes it easy to find your local newspaper.

Keep an eye out for these canned letters. Here are some of their talking points:

-John Kerry was strong, clear, and convincing, and he won.

-Kerry explained how the war in Iraq was an enormous diversion from the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

-George Bush couldn't take the heat.

-The debate showed how Bush is out of touch with reality.

-Bush tried to mislead the public about a connection between Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but Kerry wouldn't let him do it.

I have a feeling that you'll be able to play Bingo with the letters you see in the Star Tribune this weekend.

One question that I'd love to ask some of these MoveOn'ers or the people with the "War Is Never The Answer" bumper stickers is what they think about this remark from Kerry in last night's debate:

What I want to do is change the dynamics on the ground. And you have to do that by beginning to not back off of the Fallujahs and other places, and send the wrong message to the terrorists. You have to close the borders.

Most of the MoveOn folks are stridently anti-war. They don't think we should have gone into Iraq and they believe that our troops are sinking in quicksand over there. They want us to get out and bring the troops home.

But now their guy is promising to take things to another level in Fallujah, which would almost certainly result in higher casualties for the civilian population, and the Iraqi and US military forces. As Saint Paul noted last night, is it okay for the MoveOn crew to have a "Butcher of Fallujah" as long as he's their butcher?

And I thought we weren't fighting terrorists in Iraq anyway. What happened to the Iraqi "Minutemen" of's hero Michael Moore?

In their frenzy to get rid of Bush, they've given up all pretense of holding to any of the core principles that originally motivated them to come together in the first place.

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