Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Playing Catch Up

The last week or so has been incredibly busy and I'm struggling to get caught up. You have to start somewhere so here goes.

Roy e-mails to provide some background on a key Kerry/Edwards backer:

As the VP debate touched on lawyers and tort reform I was wondering if everyone has forgotten Fred Baron. Fred Baron - Dallas trial lawyer and John Edwards' finance chair during the Democratic primaries.

Fred Baron - now chairs the DNC victory effort with obvious close ties to Terry McAuliffe. Fred Baron - who once said, and I quote "trial lawyers own the US Senate".

Surely the American people would like to know the opinions of Fred Baron, a man who will obviously hold great power in any Kerry/Edwards Whitehouse.

Barbara from Golden, CO is looking for a little help:

I'm writing to everyone I know asking for help. We adopted our son from Russia in May, and next week is his first birthday. In his orphanage alone, there are 100 babies under the age of 2. In honor of Hunter's first birthday, I asking anyone who can help, to consider donating to "Project Sunshine" which is affiliated with European Adoption Consultants,Inc. You can go to Adoption Agency For International Adoptions and click on the photo for Project Sunshine. They're not equipped to accept online donations, but you can print out the form and mail it in. I'm requesting that donations be designated for Tver Russia. You can also write "Happy Birthday Hunter Paden" anywhere on the form. Or, if you have any family or friends who are struggling with the "blessing" of infertility and they might consider Russia adoption, please direct them to, give them my email address or have them call me at home 303-384-0485. Or just say a prayer for the babies. Thanks for your consideration!

I know someone at work who has twice traveled to Russia with his wife to adopt children. It is a very worthy cause.

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