Friday, October 29, 2004

Stay Golden

It is with mixed emotions we note the birth of a new blog, Girl in Right.

That's the new name of the occasional contributor to Fraters Libertas, formerly known as the Golden Girl. Now that she's hung out her own shingle, she'll no longer be submitting her witty barbs and insightful commentary to us, which is sad. But since she no longer has to put up with our incessant, picayune editorial requirements (particularly the Elder's strange obsession with dangling participles) I expect to see a lot more of her work getting out there. And that's a good thing.

Based on the quality of her inaugural post alone, I'm prepared to say she's a burgeoning force in the blogosphere. And I fully expect 3 or 4 of these per day. Every day. But no pressure, my dear.

(One last editorial correction, in regard to your inaugural post, the Coleman of our derision is Nick Coleman of the Star Tribune, not Norm Coleman of the United States Senate. That latter guy, we like.)

Welcome to the show, Girl in Right. Is it too early to nominate her to the Rocky Mountain Alliance? I know the hazing is brutal, but she can take it. She's from a red state.