Saturday, October 09, 2004

Worst Managed Series Ever

Why would you take the ace of your staff out of a must win game after he's pitched only five innings with your team holding a 5-1 lead? You wouldn't, unless you're a total Ron Gardenhire.

The whole purpose of having a staff ace is to send him out to pitch for at least seven innings and then you can hand it to your middle relief for one and your All Star closer can finish the ninth.

Today, Gardy decided five innings and 90 pitches was just about enough for the odds-on favorite to win the AL Cy Young award. He tossed it to the bullpen about an inning too soon and, two innings later, usually reliable Juan Rincon blew a four run lead and the Twins eventually blew the game and the series. Brilliant move, Ron.

Add to that the plethora of managerial mistakes committed in game two of the Division Series last Wednesday and you've got yet another quick exit from the post season at the hands of the Yankees. Crikey...there ain't enough gin on the planet to make me forget about Wednesday's loss.

I state here and now that I refuse to attend another Twins game while that chucklehead is the manager. And you can toss away that lazy bum Christian Guzman as well.

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