Sunday, January 30, 2005

Blogging While Intoxicated

Doug over at Bogus Gold chronicles the hazards of drinking while blogging:

...I killed my computer last night. Killed as in dead-as-a-doorknob. It's now no more useful than a fancy and extremely expensive paperweight.

Things I blame: Gin. And the awkward shape and stability of the classic martini glass. And the fact that the CD player I was reaching for was sitting on the opposite side of the computer, forcing me to reach across.
So anyway, just in case you were curious, gin, vermouth, and a small amount of olive juice is not something you should ever use to clean the keyboard of your notebook computer - intentionally or not.

I feel for you, Doug. The same thing has happened to me many times but, fortunately, the only loss I have ever suffered is several ounces of Bombay Sapphire and a martini glass or two. Painful? Yes, but certainly not as expensive as having to replace my computer.

Mishaps like these is why I always blog wearing one of those drinking helmets...modified to hold two half gallon bottles of Sapphire in place of the beer, of course. Sure, it's a little heavy at the beginning but after a few sips you stop caring.

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