Wednesday, March 30, 2005

There They Go Again

The gentleman at Power Line have once again been compelled to perform a vital service to the cause of journalism, this time debunking the nature of the infamous GOP Talking Points Memo which ostensibly exposed the Republican Party's attempt to exploit the Terri Schiavo case for political gain.

The rush to judgment by certain media institutions in propagating highly dubious evidence and conclusions as fact, with the result of smearing the Republican party, draws inevitable parallels to the Rathergate scandal. Playing the role of CBS News in this new ginned up drama were those paragons of accuracy and integrity at ABC News and the Washington Post.

If you haven't been following the case, check out John Hinderaker's Weekly Standard article and the update from today's Power Line, which includes the denials and obfuscation of the principals.

You'd think dirty tricksters from the opposition would have already learned this immutable law of the new media era - you need to get some better memo forgers! At least good enough to fool a couple of lawyers with a blog.

Failing the understanding of that lesson, I think Xcel Energy gives the best advice to aspiring document forgers and their media mouthpieces:

If you ever come across a ... [Power] line, leave the area immediately

If a power line has fallen onto a vehicle, stay away from the vehicle. Seek help immediately by calling 911. If you are in the vehicle, wait inside the car until help arrives. If you must leave the vehicle due to fire or other life-threatening reason, leap clear of the vehicle, landing with both feet together. Never hold onto the door while leaping and once on the ground, hop away - do not run.

You go that CBS News, ABC News, Washington Post? For your own good, just hop away already!

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