Sunday, April 24, 2005

A City That Can Project Power

We arrived in San Diego yesterday and spent most of the day prowling around the city. The hotel we're staying at is downtown, about six blocks from the harbor. After pounding the pavement for a while, we enjoyed some damn good Mexican food at a restaurant in the Gaslamp Quarter (thanks for the tip Hippster-once again, sorry about your ball club).

Speaking of baseball, I'm officially re-reversing my position on a new stadium for the Twins. I'm gone back and forth on this issue a number of times over the years, but after seeing PETCO Park yesterday, I'm back on board the new stadium bandwagon. PETCO is a beautiful little ballpark (capacity 42K) smartly tucked into downtown San Diego.

The Padres aren't it town so I won't get a chance to catch a game at PETCO, but we were able to get a nice look at the field from a park behind the stadium. Seeing the spectacular green grass, the sun shining on the bleachers, and the charm of a real ballpark had rekindled my desire for the Twins to get outside where they belong.

More on San Diego later. For now I'll leave you with this thought: how can you not like a city that has three aircraft carriers (one the decommissioned Midway which now serves as a museum) parked in its harbor?

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