Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dream of Californication

The hot rumor around the gin cooler at Fraters World HQ (I knew it was a mistake to put Atomizer in charge of office supplies) is that Saint Paul has cashed in his life savings, packed his suitcase full of hopes and dreams, and hopped a Greyhound bus to Hollywood where he'll likely face years of rejections and failures till he's spit out the bottom of the porn industry. Either that or he's gone to Los Angeles for a work related convention.

The bottom line is that he will be in LA for the rest of the week (unless a Hollywood agent notices his boyish good looks and signs him to a lucrative movie deal) and there's a good chance that he'll find his way down to the studio where our good friend Hugh Hewitt cranks out his daily dose of intelligent talk radio. What will Saint Paul find when he goes behind the curtain? Tune in to Hugh's show tonight to hear what happens when worlds collide. I just hope that Saint Paul managed to get that pie through airport security...

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