Friday, April 08, 2005

Enter, the Machine

The gentlemen at TBFKADVK have finally gotten over their Mark Dayton not running for reelection hangover and have emerged fresh, rested, and ready with their new web site dedicated to the 2006 US Senate race in Minnesota. Update your links and bookmarks accordingly:

Kennedy vs. the Machine

A terrific name choice, I must say. With the Democrats' desires yet to coagulate around a single candidate, the head-to-head match up cannot yet be ascertained. The boys from the Blog Formerly Known as Dayton v. Kennedy still have third degree brand ID burns from our sitting Senator's flight from the race, making them adverse to taking a flyer on something like Kennedy vs. Wetterling or Kennedy vs. Ciresi. But, no matter who the Democrats nominate, Mark Kennedy will have to face the media-special interest industrial complex that is the lifeblood of the opposition party. The Star Tribune, the unions, the national 527 organizations and their wealthy, shadowy patrons will all be doing their best to defeat Mark Kennedy. Together they're a daunting force to challenge and accurately characterized as the Machine.

Plus, the name Kennedy vs. the Machine allows them to adopt this audio signature, voiced by Ed Harris in the classic Glengarry Glen Ross.

Primary contributor Gary Matthew Miller and his cohorts Doug Williams and John Swon are all terrific bloggers. The concentration of this talent on a single topic promises to make this the definitive blog for coverage of the 2006 US Senate race in Minnesota. As we progress towards election day 2006 (a mere 576 days, 21 hours and 20 minutes away, according Kennedy vs. the Machine countdown clock), it will merit early and often review.

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