Friday, April 01, 2005

An Iranian Daisy?

Regime Change Iran has a preview of an ad showing New York City being destroyed by a nuclear weapon:

The ad is the brainchild of Dr. Jerome Corsi, co-author of the best seller "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry". The ad is designed to educate the American public of the threat to the United States of a nuclear Iran. Just as the swift vets ads created tremendous controversy in the 2004 election, this ad likely generate significant media controversy.

The ad is being prepared for broadcast in the NYC and Washington DC markets in their initial ad buys. The ads were produced by the same team that produced the excellent documentary, "In the Face of Evil: Reagan's War in Word and Deeds."

Titled: "An Atomic 9/11: When Evil is Appeased," the attack is based on a scenario described in Dr. Corsi's newly released book, Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians. The publisher has shipped approximately 200,000 copies to major bookstores across the nation.

Dr. Corsi will be joining us to discuss his book on the Northern Alliance Radio Network on Saturday, April 9th.

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