Sunday, April 03, 2005

It's Sure Been A Cold, Cold Winter

Winter is officially over. I know it to be so because, today, I released my deck furniture from their six month stint in the backyard shed.

I can painfully recall the day that they were put away. The cruelness of October bit into my face as I unceremoniously shoved the last chair through the shed doors and set the lock. It was a bitter farewell. It meant no more late nights on the deck with a heater and a beer. It meant no more weekend mornings with a mug full of coffee and the Sunday crossword puzzle. It meant no more spur of the moment weekday evening barbeques with the tiki torches blazing and the late summer cicadas singing. It meant the end of life outdoors for six long months.

Today, that life was reborn. As I walked towards that shed across my crumpled brown lawn, I felt a cheeriness that had been absent for much too long. While dragging out the worn green table and matching chairs, a feeling of hope came over me. Hope for a brand new season. Hope for good times and even better beer. Hope for quiet evenings under the stars with the girl I love in the home we've made together. Hope...for tomorrow.

Yes, the brutality of winter is over. Let's all look forward to a long and happy spring.

1 comment:

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