Monday, April 25, 2005

Kickin' It Old Town

Yesterday we hopped the red trolley to Old Town. Trolley meaning a light rail transit system very similar to the one that Minneapolis has begun using. The cars are red, but there really is nothing very trolley-like about them. Still, it was a work of savvy marketing by the San Diego governmental bodies to dub it the "red trolley." Trolley has a charming appeal that LRT lacks. And as an out-of-towner, I appreciate having such public transit available, especially since I'm not forced to bear the tax burden of supporting it. For five bucks a piece, we purchased all day passes to ride the trolley as much as we wanted to. Which turned out to be a round trip excursion to Old Town.

Old Town is where the original city of San Diego was founded. Today it's been reconstructed as a historic site. As tourist traps go, Old Town isn't too bad. That probably has something to do with it being a state park. Oh there are plenty of quaint little shops (and even more shoppes) trying to pry open your wallets with "art", trinkets, nick-nacks, and a host of other offerings that serve no useful purpose. But most of them bore a semblance of quality and class, unlike the cheesy crap that was being hucked at Seaport Village.

We had another fabulous Mexican lunch in Old Town too. While the chow has been great, two days of Mexican food is enough to sate our cravings. Time to move on to some of the many seafood establishments in town.

This morning we're off to Coronado and then a tour of the Midway this afternoon. There wasn't a chance that I was leaving San Diego without getting that in.

Or a stop or two here and here. So many beers, so little time.