Friday, April 29, 2005

Laying It On The Line

Reelcobra points us to an example of a guy who really did ask what he could do for his country:

On 9/11, I was 36 years old, and could not sign up for any branch of the military, though I tried. Then on Mar. 22, 2005, nine days before my 40th birthday (Mar. 31), I read that the Army has raised the enlistment age from 34 years and 364 days, to 39 years and 364 days for Reserve enlistees. I had until Mar. 30 to take the Oath of Enlistment and, on Fri., Mar. 25, I did.

So, at age 40, I start boot camp on Apr. 15 in Oklahoma, and then advanced training in Texas. Good God what did I do? :-)

It should be an interesting experience that I am looking forward to, despite the difficulties I will face, specifically, in adjusting to a new lifestyle and the physical demands. That said, I have always felt that a part of my life was not fulfilled and this is my last chance to rectify this. While there are indeed risks inherent with enlisting even as a Reservist, I am more than willing to go to Iraq or Afghanistan should the Army activate me full-time after my training is complete.

Shawn is obviously already at boot camp, but stop by his blog and wish him well.