Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Look Out World 'Cause Dubya's Using Technology

The latest question for the hippest among us to ponder these days seems to be "What's on your iPod?". Personally, I couldn't care less what you all are listening to. I have my musical tastes and you have yours and I vehemently resent the implication that I need to seek validation in the knowledge that others share those tastes. Listen to whatever crap you want to listen to and leave me the hell alone. Besides, I don't own an iPod. I have no intention of ever buying an iPod. Cripes...I even feel silly just typing the word "iPod" with the pretentious little uncapitalized "i" and the implied coolness that surrounds the whole phenomenon.

Despite all that, I found this piece about the contents of President Bush's iPod (ughhh!) to be quite intriguing. It's not because I care what Dubya is listening to...I already went over that. No, it's because of this quote from Rolling Stone deputy editor Joe Levy:
This is basically boomer rock 'n' roll and more recent music out of Nashville made for boomers. It's safe, it's reliable, it's loving. What I mean to say is, it's feel-good music. The Sex Pistols it's not.
My first thought was that only a fool could imagine George W. Bush kicking back after a long day of strategerizin' and listening to the Sex Pistols (actually, my immediate thought was that JB Doubtless could have a field day with Mr. Levy's quote...and he just might). But, upon further review, I began thinking of an old Pistols tune that Ol' George might actually cotton to.

The song Bodies from the Sex Pistols' 1977 release Never Mind the Bollocks is widely perceived to be a statement against abortion. Johnny Rotten, who penned the classic, claims it takes no side on the issue. The lyrics strike me as landing squarely in the "anti" camp.

You be the judge (expletives deleted, vivid imagery've been warned):
She was a girl from Birmingham
She just had an abortion
She was a case of insanity
Her name was Pauline she lived in a tree

She was a no one who killed her baby
She sent her letters from the country
She was an animal
She was a bloody disgrace

Body...I'm not an animal
Mummy...I'm not an abortion

Dragged on a table in a factory
Illegitimate place to be
In a packet in a lavatory
Die little baby screaming

Body screaming ****ing bloody mess
It's not an animal it's an abortion

Body...I'm not an animal
Body...I'm not an abortion

Throbbing squirm
Gurgling bloody mess
I'm not a discharge
I'm not a loss in protein
I'm not a throbbing squirm

**** this and **** that
**** it all and **** the ****ing brat
She don't wanna baby that looks like that
I don't wanna baby that looks like that.

Body...I'm not an animal
Body...I'm not an abortion

Mummy! Arrgh!
Grotesque and vulgar, no? Well, so is abortion.

Still, I can't help but think that Dubya might just gain an inkling of appreciation for Johnny, Sid and the boys after getting an earful of that. Then again, who cares? He only listens to country music and classic rock. What a square.

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