Saturday, April 30, 2005

Precious Moments

What do you get when a St. Paul City Councilman marries a former Jesse Ventura staffer? A web site dedicated to their wedding, of course. It's the perfect storm of love, devotion, and an insatiable hunger for self promotion.

Excerpt, from Their Story:

Pat can build a beautiful bowl of chili and Laura can build her own garage. Laura runs competitive marathons and Pat watches Hogan's Heroes marathons. Pat likes action movies and Laura enjoys a good old-fashioned love story. Of course Pat thinks that "Rocky" is truly a love story. Pat likes salty snacks and Laura likes sweets. Pat is a night owl. Laura is an early riser. Pat works at Voyageur Asset Management and the City Council. Laura works at the League of Minnesota Cities and manages Pat. Pat is Irish and Armenian and Laura is German and Swedish. Pat's favorite food is nachos. Laura loves food, period. They share a love of books and reading (and of course large screen TV's). They cherish family and friends, and they are blessed for all they have in life and for the chance to share their good fortune with others.

Today's wedding is presumed to be the event of the season for the local political and media elite. Meaning, of course, I was not invited. That's OK, if Tyrel Ventura isn't hosting, it's probably not worth attending anyway.

We wish Pat and Laura all the best. But stay away away from those salty snacks, you crazy kids.

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