Monday, April 11, 2005

Rally 'Round Tha Family

As everyone is well aware of, this Friday, April 15th is tax day. This year, instead of wallowing around, gnashing your teeth, and muttering under your breathe about how the gubamint is screwing you again, why not do something more productive?

Come on down to the Capitol Rotunda in St. Paul and join Governor Pawlenty, the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, and a host of other like minded citizens who are not "happy to pay for a better Minnesota", if "paying" means the State reaching into your pockets to confiscate more of your money against your will. The rally starts at 8am and word on the street is that the coffee is on Strom.

The movement to raise taxes in Minnesota is gathering strength. You can see and hear it building in the local media, and every advocacy group looking for a bigger piece of the pie, such as teachers unions and government employees, is echoing the call: "_______ (education, the environment, health care, etc.) in Minnesota is going to hell because of that tax-cutting theocrat Pawlenty and the radical Republicans refusal to raise taxes."

It's going to take a united front of concerned taxpaying citizens to thwart this effort. On Friday morning, come to the Capitol and stand with those who are standing for you. Remember, the people with the orange signs are out there and they're more than happy for YOU to pay.