Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Senators in Glass Houses

More disturbing questions have emerged regarding Senator George Voinovich and his fitness to judge John Bolton as a nominee for UN Ambassador. Last week Senator Voinovich indicated "interpersonal skills" and one's "relationship with their fellow man" as primary qualifications for employment and threatened to derail President Bush's nomination of Bolton over high crimes such as impertinent email exchanges and the slamming down of phones.

The veracity of those claims against Bolton have yet to be proven. But bullying tactics of this nature are nothing new to Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson. And no, I'm not talking about the time those thugs from Boys II Men played keep-away with his hair mousse at the Teen Choice Awards. No, Kevin Richardson knows first hand the spiteful wrath of none other than the Honorable George Voinovich. From the Associated Press:

"I'm a 31-year-old man who's seen a lot - a lot of things that have disturbed me. (Ed. - like the video for "I Want it That Way"). And instead of ... not doing anything about it, I thought I'd use my voice to express my concerns and try to help."

Not everyone appreciates Richardson's activism. His mining testimony ruffled the feathers of Senator George Voinovich, who - in a protest against what he called Richardson's lack of expertise - boycotted the hearing.

"That was sad," Richardson says. "He was saying, 'Music has no place in politics'. Politics is for everybody. We all have a right to speak our minds."

Why is George Voinovich making Kevin Richardson cry? Why does he hate freedom of speech and the First Amendment? Why does he hate music? Important, serious questions that demand an answer.

When asked for comment (three years ago), Voinovich was unable to even momentarily soothe his own savage breast. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"It's just a joke to think that this witness can provide members of the United States Senate with information on important geological and water quality issues," Voinovich said in a written statement. "We're either serious about the issues or we're running a sideshow. Someone needs to make up their mind."

Members of the American Carnival Geek and Sideshow Freak Association (coincidentally, also represented by Kevin Richardson) immediately filed a protest against Senator Voinovich for his insensitive, divisive comments.

In a hastily called damage control press conference, Voinovich kept digging with this explanation.

I pushed hard to bring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Cleveland. This isn't about music, it's about substance," said Voinovich. "Even if this guy [Richardson] was a polka musician, I would still object to him."

According to reports, the outraged estates of Frankie Yankovic and Whoopee John Wilfahrt have contacted the Senate Ethics committee for immedidate redress of this vicious slander against them.

George Voinovich, of course, deserves his day in court. But for the good of the country, we cannot possibly let this man further participate in the Bolton hearings until all the accusations are heard. Recuse yourself sir, you've caused quite enough pain already.


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