Thursday, April 28, 2005

Short Memories?

While watching the President's news conference tonight, I had a couple of questions to ask the assembled reporters who seem fixated on holding the President responsible for the "bitter" "divided" "partisan" nature of American politics today:

Who won the frickin' election anyway? And why aren't you asking the same questions of Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, and Pelosi?

It's incredible to see how the Republicans (who hold control of the White House, the Senate, and the House by will of the American people) are to blame for the "poisonous political environment" in the minds of the media because they actually are trying to implement the policies that they ran and WON elections on.

I know that in the minds of these reporters, they're asking probing questions to try to help inform the public. But in my opinion, about 80% of the questions directed toward the President tonight were nothing more than not-so-subtle snarky shots, motivated by hostility towards his policies, and designed to catch the President in a "gotcha moment."

Let's hope it's another year before we have to witness one of these circuses again.


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