Wednesday, April 13, 2005

They Point The Cannon At You

On Sunday May 1st, Freedom Day will be celebrated in St. Paul:

Labor Day is in September, and Independence Day is in July. Those days were set aside to reflect on our nation's independence from England as well as the labor of the working men and women of America.

May 1 is designated as Freedom Day. This day we celebrate those most American Values - Freedom and Individual Liberty.

And what's the best way to celebrate freedom and individual liberty? How about with three black powder cannons firing periodic salutes and four bands rocking on the front lawn (Upper Mall) of the Minnesota State Capitol?

Guns, Guitars, and Grass. Does it get any more American than this?

The fun starts at 10am with the National Anthem and wraps up at 3pm with the closing ceremonies. Check out the Freedom Day web site for all the details, including info on parking. You might just want to bring some ear plugs with you too. Freedom isn't free and on Freedom Day it won't be quiet either.

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