Saturday, April 02, 2005

Today on the Northern Alliance Radio Network

Hour 1: Week in review, featured commentary on all the week's big, big stories. Including, perhaps (we never know for sure what we're talking about until the mics go live), my favorite story of the week, John Hinderaker's continued debunking of the ridiculous "GOP Taking Points Memo" used so successfully by the likes of ABC News and the Washington post to smear Republicans during the legislative effort to save the life of Terri Schiavo. John may have been bumped from CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday, but his place on NARN is secure (pending Mitch Berg's desire to further delve into his discussion on the merits of Kraft's Cheeseasaurus Rex.)

Hour 2: Craig Shirley, author of the terrific "Reagan's Revolution: The Untold Story of the Campaign That Started It All". Description, by Amazon:

The campaign for the 1976 Republican presidential nomination is the only political race that Ronald Reagan ever lost. Ironically, that defeat to Gerald Ford "changed the conservative movement, the Republican Party, America, and eventually the world," writes Craig Shirley in Reagan's Revolution. Further, the campaign "marked the point when conservatives took over the Republican Party and changed its message and its ideology."

Reagan's views on such issues as tax cuts, aggressive anti-Communism, reductions in government spending, and the use of military power to protect American interests moved from radical ideas to part of the Republican platform after 1976. Tracing Reagan's rise to national power to the concession speech he made at the convention, Shirley explains in great detail how Reagan almost single-handedly took the Republican Party from its "death throes" to its resurgence.

He may have lost the nomination, but he saved the party. Based on interviews with insiders who worked on the campaign and the journalists and pundits who covered it, Reagan's Revolution offers many telling anecdotes and fascinating insights into the race's build-up and conclusion, making it the first book to offer exhaustive coverage of this vital period in Reagan's life.

Hour 3: It's springtime and the minds of the Northern Alliance turn to thoughts of baseball. The Twins' season opener is mere days away and we'll be spending the hour talking all things bat and horsehide with John Bonnes, proprietor of one of the best baseball blogs in the country, Twins Geek. His site has morphed into Twins Territory, which brings together much of the best local baseball writing talent in town and it promises to be the nexus for quality baseball talk all season long.

This week's rotating slate of NARN hosts to include Mitch Berg, John Hinderaker, Captain Ed Morrissey, Chad the Elder and yours truly.

It all happens today, noon to 3 PM, locally on AM 1280 the Patriot (replay Sunday night 9 PM to midnight). And on the web stream, LIVE as it occurs, then reruns streaming continuously throughout the week. Don't you dare miss it!

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