Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Well, There's Always Next Year (or the year after or ...)

The man sometimes known as Sisyphus, is kind enough to provide an update on the Minneapolis Star Tribune's Pulitzer Prize streak (here's his 2004 update):

For the fifteenth straight year the Star-Tribune has been passed over by the Pulitzer committee -- demonstrating yet again that even the liberal media establishment doesn't think much of the Strib.

This year, the Star-Tribune gains a new Pulitzer peer: the Willamette Week won their first Pulitzer in Investigative Reporting.

Here is an updated list of the Star-Tribune's Pulitzer Peers (However, all of these newspapers have won their Pulitzer more recently):

Asbury Park Press, Neptune NJ
Birmingham (AL) News
Block Newspapers, Toledo OH
Boston Phoenix
Cincinnati Enquirer
Daily Tribune, Ames IA
Grand Forks (ND) Herald
Great Falls (MT) Tribune
Santa Rosa (CA) Press Democrat
Riverdale (NY) Press
Rutland (VT) Herald
Toledo Blade
Toronto Star
Virgin Island Daily News (St. Thomas)
White Plains (NY) Journal News
Willamette Week, Portland Oregon

If it's any consolation, USA Today and the Houston Chronicle remain the only newspapers larger than the Star-Tribune that have not yet won a Pulitzer.

The Star Tribune. The gift that just keeps on giving.

We'll see you next year.

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