Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Will Success Spoil Eddie Morrissey?

The boys at Power Line might be the darlings of Time, but Captain Ed has now captured the attention of the international media. From the April 9th-15th edition of The Economist comes Shivering Mr Martin's timbers:

FOR the past week, an unassuming call-centre manager in Minnesota has become a key player in Canadian politics, whipping up a storm that could end in a snap general election. On an internet blog-site dubbed "Captain's Quarters", Ed Morrissey has been posting the explosive details of supposedly secret testimony to a judicial commission in Montreal that is investigating a huge political corruption scandal centred on the ruling Liberal Party.

Most of the government-appointed commission's hearings have taken place in public. But Judge John Gomery, its chairman, imposed a publication ban on the testimony of Jean Brault, former head of Groupaction, an advertising agency, as he is to stand trial on fraud charges in June.

Sitting on the American side of the Canadian border and thus able to ignore the ban, Captain Ed, as he is known to his friends, has blithely been publishing all the juicy details that the Canadian press has been unable to touch. After the story of his blogging exploits broke in Canada on Monday, the normal traffic on his website increased tenfold as delighted Canadians rushed to log on.

Make that a formerly unassuming call-centre manager. We'll never get him to stop wearing that Notre Dame jersey now...

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