Monday, July 11, 2005

Juice Bar Opening In Mpls

So the Twins have aquired ex (judging by his recent numbers) juicer Bret Boone. What's that you say, you don't think he was juiced?

If you saw the guy before the 2001 season (19 hr in 2000) and then after (37 hr in 2001) there is no other assesment you can reasonably make.

Jose Canseco mentioned him by name in his 'roids book:

He hit a double, and when I got out there to second base, I got a good look at Boone," Canseco writes. "I couldn't believe my eyes. He was enormous.

" 'Oh, my God,' I said to him. 'What have you been doing?'

" 'Shhh,' he said. 'Don't tell anybody.'

"Whispers like that were a sign that you were part of the club--the bond of a secret code or handshake. You were united by the shared knowledge and the experience of unlocking so much more of your body's natural potential. Still, though, sometimes you just had to laugh and it was that way with Bret Boone. Sure enough, Bret used his hulking new body to go crazy that season."

Boone was an MVP candidate in 2001 with a .331 average, 37 homers and 141 runs batted in--all career highs.

Responding to Canseco's version of the incident, Boone said, "I don't know him. He doesn't know me. I don't think I've ever exchanged more than two, three words with him. The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. End of story. I'm not going to comment beyond that. It's so ridiculous. That incident he writes about in the book is false. The most I've ever said to him is, 'What's up, Jose?'"

There is obviously no way to prove it either way, but the circumstantial evidence is strong that he DID juice. And a lot of people around the league say he's a major a-hole to boot. Throw in the fact that he's making $8m this year and I predict the Twins will use him for his last laps this year and then trade or release him in the off season. Minnesotans don't like cheaters.

Btw, there are some good before and after pics of suspected roiders (including Boone) here.

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