Thursday, July 14, 2005

Just One More Before We Part

Having no more need for the bookmark folder I created containing links to pages dealing with chipmunk disposal, I was doing some desktop purging this evening and found myself revisiting this page containing "humane" critter removal tips. The lack of advice on how to create ex-chipmunks must have prevented me from actually reading the page at the time I first saw it because this bit just jumped off the screen tonight (emphasis mine):
The most effective deterrent I've found is a combination of "red" or "cayenne" pepper and baby powder. Mix the ingredients one to one and spray or sprinkle around the problem areas and the critters scram. A dry atomizer works well for this or an empty can with lots of tiny holes poked in the bottom.
Let me be perfectly clear about this. A dry Atomizer does not work at all. Period.

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