Saturday, July 30, 2005

Over There

Regarding the hardships suffered by Knight Ridder reporter Hannah Allam during her reporting tour of duty in Iraq (lack of a good manicurist, unreliable karaoke service), Sisyphus (at Nihilist in Golfpant) has stepped up to create a new charity seeking to address these particular needs. His mission statement:

Unfortunately, no one seems to care about another group that is forced to live under conditions every bit as difficult: the journalists tasked with undermining our mission in Iraq.

Don't miss his Top 11 Items most in need of donation, including...

11. Decent non-fat soy lattes

10. Gift certificates for a day of beauty at the Spalon Montage in the Baghdad Green Zone.

9. Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers (so the insurgents will know not to target reporter?s vehicles)

8. The e-mail addresses of anti-war members of the military in Iraq.

4. Karaoke machines.

Remember folks, give 'til it hurts. They won't come back if they can karaoke over there.

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