Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Saturday in the park, I know it is the 30th of July

(UPDATE: Still plenty of time to make your reservations)

Regular listeners of local talk radio titan AM 1280 - The Patriot are probably already well aware of the station's upcoming Patriot Picnic, but in case you haven't heard yet here are all the details:

FREE Patriot Frisbee to first 300 listeners! FREE lunch provided at 11:30AM!(while supplies last)

Join AM1280 The Patriot on Saturday, July 30th for a Patriot Picnic! The Patriot Picnic will take place at Staring Lake Park of Eden Prairie. In appreciation of you loyalty to AM1280, this is a free event! There will be a LIVE broadcast, a picnic lunch, Patriot merchandise and giveaways. Please let us know if you're coming so we can plan our picnic lunch. Call 651-289-4455 or click here to pre-register.

The LIVE broadcast will feature smokin' David Strom on the recently expanded Taxpayers League Live Show (now with 50% more chortling) from 9am until noon with The Northern Alliance Radio Network following up from noon until 3pm. It should be a great day for food, fun, frolic, and FREE Frisbees.

Frisbees that will no doubt come in handy at the nine-hole championship Frolf course at Staring Lake Park. Frolf being Frisbee golf or "disc golf" as devotees of the sport (like Saint Paul) prefer to call it. Frolf in the park with the TPL and the NARN? It really don't get much better.

If you need directions to Staring Lake Park you can find them here.

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