Thursday, July 14, 2005

Should we talk about the weather? (hi, hi, hi)

Peter e-mails to relate that even the weather isn't safe from politics anymore:

I went to Paul Douglas' NowCast at the Strib looking for helpful weather advice. Instead I got a lefty political diatribe that nearly-but-not-quite ties our recent hot weather to proof that Kyoto is the answer to all evils and AL Gore is a God. Or something. I didn't find any weather advice except maybe move the cold beer indoors when it gets RELLY hot out.

Here's what the Weather Boy had to say:

Today should be Day 6 (in a row) above 90. Is this heat quantitative proof of global warming? Of course not. But the writing is in the wall, at least that's the conclusion I've reached. I heard Al Gore speak in St. Paul on Tuesday evening. He mentioned a recent Science magazine report that outlined over 900 peer-reviewed research papers. Not one refuted the concept of climate change or warming. Scientists are speaking with one voice. Research suggests warmer oceans won't affect the frequency of hurricanes, but they may get stronger, windier and wetter. "Will we need a sudden catastrophe to jolt us into doing something?" Gore asked. Portland, Oregon has dropped carbon emissions below 1990 levels, at the same time their local economy has boomed. Minneapolis now supports the Kyoto Treaty, joining a growing list of American cities acknowledging the obvious: something has changed. "We have to realize that it's different than anything we've ever faced before. We have to think differently." An air pollution heat alert is posted for Thursday for ozone, and it looks like we may "enjoy" five more days above 90 degrees, in a row.

Gee thanks for the lecture Paul. By the way, next time could you maybe tell us something a little more useful? Like the expected high for the day? The humidity level? The chances of rain? You know, the kind of stuff that actually involves the freakin' WEATHER!

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