Monday, July 18, 2005

Soldiers' Angels Adoption Update

On July 7th at Keegan's Irish Pub, in just over two hours, volunteers from Soldiers' Angels signed twenty people up to adopt a soldier. Keegan's itself adopted an entire battalion and has been collecting funds at the pub to support those soldiers.

Among the bloggers responding to my challenge for each blog to adopt its own soldier, are The Night Writer and The Smoothing Plane. Kerry from The Smoothing Plane e-mailed with an update:

Chad, I adopted one, or he adopted me about ten days ago, following the death of the Seals in Afghanistan. Interestingly enough, like me, he is a classical music aficionado, and we've talked Grieg et. al. back and forth. Nice shootin' pardner.

Soldiers' Angels makes it very easy for you to lend a hand. Sign up to adopt a soldier here. They'll provide you with contact information. Send a letter or an e-mail once a week. Send a care package once a month.

A little work on your end here means a lot to those serving over there. Sign up today.

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