Wednesday, July 20, 2005

True Colors Shining Through

Glen Reynolds, The Instapundit a.k.a. the J.J. Hunsecker of the 'sphere, notes that California AG Bill Lockyer is in the news again for all the wrong reasons and asks:

First Lockyer was advocating prison rape and now this. Does he have a political tin ear -- or is he just a jerk? It's hard to believe, though, that California couldn't find someone better for the job.

We received an anonymous e-mail from someone who knows Lockyer quite well that appears to answer the question:

Years ago, when he was a State Senator, Governor Wilson called a special session of the legislature to toughen criminal penalties. One of the bills offered was a "one-strike" rape bill offered by Senator Bergeson. Senator Bergeson and the Governor's Office had brought in to testify before the Judiciary Committee in support of the bill a woman whose daughter had been raped and stabbed 40 times by a repeat offender rapist. At the time of her testimony, her daughter was still in the hospital.

Anyway, after she was done with her very moving testimony, Senator Lockyer let go with a tirade about how tired he was of the Governor's Office bringing in these people who tell these stories and waste the Senate's time. He ranted that he was going to review the budget for the particular office of the Governor that was responsible for this (Office of Criminal Justice Planning) for wasting their time.

A hush fell over the room and that Chairman, Democrat Senator David Roberti looked ill. Eventually, one of the other witnesses, who was not a government employee, laid back into Lockyer. By this time, of course, Lockyer had left his seat and was happily chatting with someone to the side of the room, ignoring what was going on. Senator Roberti, to his credit, apologized.

I witnessed all that myself.

Every so often, he will let slip the mask he wears, and you can see the raging lefty that he really is. Whether it is threatening Clinton donor Ken Lay with prison rape, or telling residents of gated communities that they would be burned out of their homes.

Based on that testimony, I gotta go with jerk. Don't worry, we will not be revealing our source no matter what consequences may come as a result. It's a matter of principle and I'm more than willing to have Atomizer go to jail to uphold that right.

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