Thursday, July 28, 2005

Um guys, nobody is saluting

The folks at are flogging the deceased Rove pony for all its worth, as evidenced by the latest e-mail plea:

It's been almost a week since we all started writing letters-to-the-editor about the Karl Rove CIA-leak scandal. So far a whopping 34,928 letters have been written by MoveOn members.

No mention of how many of these cut and paste specials ever saw the light of day at respectable newspapers (which of course excludes the Strib).

That's a new record for us. The media is beginning to report on Rove again, but we need to create some buzz--the sort of public outrage you can see when you're walking down the street.

"Dad, what are those freaks over there doing?"

"That son? Why that's public outrage."

That's why we want to create a downloadable poster that you can print out and hang up in your office, home, locker, car and wherever else seems right.

Yes, because bringing your ultra left wing politics into the workplace is perfectly appropriate.

But here's the thing: we aren't quite sure about the right slogan to write on the poster.

Somebody suggested just putting up, "Fire Karl Rove." Another favorite was, "Fire the Liars."

Witty zingers both. Can you feel the buzz?

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