Sunday, November 06, 2005

Breaking News: Underage College Kids Drinking

Local television news station Fox 9 lead off tonight's 9pm newscast with a shocking undercover expose that showed Gopher hockey players under the age of twenty-one drinking ALCOHOL at a Dinkytown watering hole. Shocked, shocked I am that the lads would dare engage in such behavior.

College students drinking illegally? Next thing you're going to tell me that they're also having casual sex!

Memo to Channel 9: I have a hunch that you would find similar behavior among athletes at just about ANY college in the land. In fact, I KNOW that it's common at many other WCHA schools. I won't name any names, but if this such a BIG STORY in your eyes, you might want to take a drive up Interstate 35 some day.

Memo to the Vikings: Thanks again guys. Your ill-advised actions have now brought every other local sports team into the glare of the media moral spotlight. Let's hope the Timberwolves are keeping a low profile.


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