Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Call To Arms

If you can't best your opponent on the political playing field, take 'em to court! That's the strategy that Democrats have recently employed against the likes of Tom DeLay and Ron Ebensteiner. And now, we're seeing this same use of the legal system as an extension of politics against one of our fellow MOBsters, Minnesota Democrats Exposed:

I need your help. My right to blog anonymously is being challenged through legal maneuvering by Inside Minnesota Politics.

Today, representatives from Inside Minnesota Politics contacted Domains by Proxy to again request that my contact information be provided so I can be sued for copyright infringement.

I thought this matter had been resolved when I removed the picture in question. But the DFLers behind Inside Minnesota Politics have decided to continue pursuing their lawsuit.

This is not about my use of a picture that I properly sourced, but rather it's about Democrats tired of being exposed on Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

Through a frivolous lawsuit, Democrats are trying to force Domains by Proxy to reveal my identity. Democrats who can't challenge my fact-based message are now resorting to lawsuits to end my right to blog anonymously.

Here's what you can do to help MDE:

1. Tomorrow I will try and establish an anonymous legal defense fund. If I can establish a defense fund, I would ask that you provide a contribution link on your website.

2. If I can't establish a legal defense fund without revealing my identity, then I may ask for pro bono help from a lawyer.

3. Blog on this subject. Blog to protect my right to remain anonymous. Blog to protect the rights of all of the other bloggers who blog anonymously.

We understand the desire to blog anonymously and, although we don't go to quite the lengths that MDE does to maintain the veil of anonymity, we will zealously defend his choice to do so, especially against the sort of underhanded tactics being used by Inside Minnesota Politics. If you can help MDE in any way, we urge you to do so.

I can think of a lawyer or two or even three with MOB connections.

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