Friday, November 04, 2005

On The Road Again

On Monday, I will be departing for an extended bidness jaunt. I'll be conducting hands on inspection tours of poultry farms in Southeast Asia and may even bring back a live one or two as gifts for some of my special friends.

I jest of course (who says a looming pandemic that could kill millions isn't comedy gold?). In reality, I will be spending four days in Singapore and six in Shanghai and probably avoiding all things avian related.

The key to any good trip is preparation and one of the best ways to prepare is to make a checklist of items to bring with you:

Books? Check.

Magazines? Check.

DVDs? (To watch on the flights) Check.

Underwear? (In case I want to do any blogging) Check.

Gum? (In case I want to ride the subway in Singapore) Check.

Ralphie? Check.

Spray paint? (In case I want to do a little tagging in Singapore) Check.

It looks like I won't be the only hockey playing right of center Minnesotan traveling in China at the time either:

As part of the new initiative, the Governor will lead as many as 100 business, government, academic and civic leaders to China November 11-19. Geared primarily toward trade, the mission will include several industry-focused delegations and will feature events in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

If he has a spare moment, maybe T-Paw and I could get together for a Tsingtao or two and reminisce about the homeland.

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