Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Simple Plan

According to the hash that the Dems have been slinging, one of the reasons that we haven't been victorious in Iraq is the lack of a grand master plan. Never mind the countless speeches by President Bush and other senior administration officials laying out why victory in Iraq is critical, what they believe that victory will look like, and how we can achieve it. Or the numerous interviews and articles by these same people covering the same ground. Nope, that wasn't enough. We needed "a plan."

Well, now we have one, called The National Strategy For Victory in Iraq. And it has a spiffy multi-color title page to boot. I imagine that the release of the thirty-eight page document that Democrats have longed for will give them pause in their relentless criticism of the war. Yeah, right.

We've got a plan, but that won't be good enough (because the truth is that nothing would). What will they demand next?

"A PowerPoint presentation! We need a PowerPoint presentation showing how we're going to win in Iraq. The administration has failed miserably by not having a PowerPoint presentation."

Note to the administration's PowerPoint guru: Be sure to include lots of animation and slide transitions to keep Barbara Boxer interested.

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