Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Geez, a guy leaves the country for a couple of days and the long knives come out in force. I recall the good old days when needling stopped at the water's edge.

My time here in The Netherlands has been rather interesting. I've been doing some research at the Het Nationaal Archief and have uncovered disturbing evidence of a hidden lifestyle of the self-proclaimed "Voice of Reason in the West."

You may recall that in August 2004, I was in Amsterdam to report on the city's annual floating Pride! Parade (R.T. Rybak's kind of parade). I missed last year's festivities, but, as this picture clearly shows, a notable talk radio host was on hand to hawk his book and share his "morning glory" with the world.

Those of you inclined to doubt the authenticity of the photograph would do well to trust your instincts. Go with your gut. Or go with his gut. If the waistbands fit, he's the kind of guy Ennis wishes he could quit.

Another interesting development on this front is the story of "Lily" McBeth:

To students at Eagleswood Elementary School, she used to be Mr. McBeth. Now, after undergoing a sex change, 71-year-old Lily McBeth is ready to return to teaching as Miss McBeth.

Some of us have suspected that this "Mary Katherine Ham" character blogging at Hugh's site is really just an alter-ego used by Mr. Hewitt as an outlet for his more feminine side. If you take a close look at the picture of Lily(Lily, oh Lily), you'll notice a striking resemblance to the silver-haired shock jock. It's a man, baby! And oh what a man.

[Thanks to Derek, Andy, and Richard for the help.]

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