Monday, April 10, 2006

Mediate, Alleviate, Try Not To Hate

A guy at work runs a pool for all the major golf tournaments. You put in $5 and get the names of three golfers. If your guy wins you get $50, if he comes in second you get $30. On Thursday, I dutifully made my contribution to the Masters pool and got three names. But I left the sheet with those names at work and couldn't recall on whose shoulders my money was riding on over the weekend.

On Sunday I'm watching the final round knowing that I have Tiger, pretty sure that I have Tim Clark, and completely blanking on the other name. For a while, things are looking pretty good as Clark hangs near the leaders and Tiger is within striking distance.

Then they both start missing make-able putts and my visions of winning any money are fast slipping away. Right around that time, Rocco Mediate takes a swim with the fishes:

For a player few expected to be in the field, Rocco Mediate had a share of the lead in the final round and was in contention on the back nine until hitting three balls in the water on the 12th hole.

He wound up with a septuple bogey 10 on the 155-yard par-3 hole en route to a final-round 80. He plummeted from third to 26th on that one hole and eventually finished tied for 36th.

And I'm thinking to myself, "As lousy as my guys are playing, I really feel sorry for the poor bastard who has Mediate in the pool." No pun intended.

I get in the office today, check the list, and sure enough, that bastard was me.

This caps off a weekend in which the Twins were swept by the hated Clevelanders (note to Chief Wahoo: World Series championships are not won in April) and my wife presented me with one of these as an early Easter gift. Gee, thanks honey.

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