Monday, May 22, 2006

Four Blind Squirrels

For some reason, we've been tapped as Power Line's Blog of the Week. Maybe it's because JB and Scott Johnson share a similar viewpoint on music (especially on Muddy Waters' contribution to Western civilization.) Or because Atomizer and Paul Mirengoff are both noted for the ability to imbibe early and often (Mirengoof is going to absolutely tear up the DC party circuit). Most likely it was Saint Paul's willingness to go over to John Hinderaker's house this weekend and perform some "jobs that American's aren't willing to do" (sod laying, Bonsai gardening, pool cleaning, car washing, etc.)

Power Line News

Well, whatever motivated the decision, we're honored to have been chosen. Although we must demur on the "paleocon" label that John has applied to us. I don't know if it's possible to come up with a tag that truly captures our political philosophy, but "paleocon" isn't it. If you have something better in mind, feel free to submit it for our consideration.


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