Monday, June 12, 2006

All Signs Point To "Yes!"

Normally I detest the various annoying quizzes, lists, and tagging questions that infest the 'sphere like cockroaches. But when the Da Commissar puts a Tokarev Tula at your back and orders you to charge, you go over the top.

Yesterday, Hugh issued his diktat:

ConservaGlobe draws me into a blogosphere game of tag obliging me to

1. Answer the question.
2. Link back to the person who tagged you.
3. Tag three of your friends in the blogosphere.

The question:

"[W]hat sitcom character would you like to grow up to be?" to other bloggers. (Note: I am over the age of eighteen, so I am rephrasing to question to "what sitcom character would you like to be?")

I pass the torch to Peeps, Nihilist, and Jeff Goldstein. (Though I know Peeps wants to be Ted Baxter and Nihilist Murray.)

You know actually the life of Ted Baxter wouldn't be half-bad. Although if Hugh thinks that he could even begin to fill the shoes of Lou Grant, he's delusional. That bottle in Mr. Grant's desk ain't Rose Zinfandel.

My choice is simple (you might even say simple-minded). David Puddy from "Seinfeld." Puddy is the complete package. A handsome stud who's good with his hands (just don't call him a "grease monkey) and paints his face to support the team at hockey games (you gotta let them know you're out there). And a Christian to boot (although his eternal destination is somewhat in doubt). Classic.

Now for the dreaded tagging bit:

Jordan from Blog on a Stick (that chick is whacked)

King from SCSUScholars (also known as Vegetable Lasagna)

and Jim from Thinking Right ('cause it takes a real man to admit to having Ziggy bed sheets)


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