Thursday, June 01, 2006

Conventional Wisdom

Later today, the 2006 Minnesota GOP State Convention will kick off at the Minneapolis Convention Center (with 6000 hotel rooms within walking distance in case anyone is wondering). The crack Northern Alliance Radio Network team will be there to cover the action with three days of live broadcasts from the event.

The fun begins tonight at 5pm when King and Mitch hit the airwaves on AM1570 The Patriot Too. You can listen to a live internet stream here. They'll be on until 9pm and will cover Mark Kennedy's speech at 7pm.

On Friday, we'll have two blocks of broadcasting. From 1pm-3pm, I'll join the festivities along with Mitch and King. We'll take a break from 3pm-6pm (happy hour anyone?) and be back from 6pm-9pm, joined by Captain Ed (hopefully). Friday's shows will again be found exclusively on AM-1570.

Saturday's lineup will feature the long-awaited return of Mark Yost as host of the Patriot Insider, live from the convention from 9am-11am on AM1280 The Patriot (live internet stream).

Then at 11am, it's NARN Volume One with the usual cast of characters again on AM1280. We'll carry Governor Pawlenty's speech live at 11:30am and a entertain a cavalcade of guests. The convention will be finished up by the time we leave the airwaves at 1pm and the NARN Vol II crew will be back in the sewer studio in Eagan put a final wrap on things.

If you're down at the convention, drop by and say hi. Word has it that we'll be broadcasting from a booth somewhere above the main entrance to the auditorium, although the rumors that we'll be encased in a tank of water a la David Blaine are highly exaggerated.

I would have been attending the convention as a delegate anyway, but I'm excited about getting a chance to do a little radio too.

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