Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Swerving Into The Ditch

The Crunchy Con Man on The Church:

The reason I post it here, though, is because what Amy's comboxes reveal is a hidden history (well, hidden from the mainstream, but certainly not hidden within orthodox Catholic circles) of how and why the Catholic Church has gotten itself into such a ditch. It wasn't an accident. It was systematically engineered by the treason of the clerks, so to speak. One of the most mysteries and consequential tragedies of the last half of the 20th century was the suicide attempt of the Catholic Church. Thanks be to God, it did not succeed, and signs of rebirth are there (you can see them in Amy's comboxes). But there's a long way to go back, and I'm afraid my Catholic friends are right: a lot more to be endured, and fought for, until that destructive generation and their spiritual children die out.

I guess it shouldn't come as any kind of surprise that the Destructive Generation--that's YOU there Baby Boomers--took aim at the church and still continues to actively promote it's demise. Any institution with a non-relative view of Truth and right and wrong had to be taken down for the New Man to emerge free of residual guilt.

My experience at parochial schools for both grade school and high school was that they were Catholic in name only. Sure, there was some thin instruction on the sacraments and what It All Meant, but the main goal seemed to be the churning of high achievers. The focus of the schools was not to teach students how to live a proper Catholic life in an aggressively secular humanist society, it was to create corporate go-getters who could make a lot of money and therefore be spared life's hardships.

Right now as we speak, students at private Catholic high schools are being taught that getting into the right college is the most important thing they should be focused on. This is for boys and girls. What this creates (once they graduate from that college) is the same type of modern young people that the public school creates: career-driven, two income, family-comes-second-to-my-job folks.

The Catholic schools have definitely turned the bus into the ditch. Let's hope the next generation can tow it out.


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