Thursday, March 15, 2007

Trust Busting

The Star Tribune editorial board expresses some relief about the Flying Imams situation:

The lawsuit that six Muslim clerics filed against US Airways on Monday is likely to prove as divisive as the incident which prompted it -- welcomed by those who see the episode as a case of religious discrimination, derided by those who believe US Airways responded prudently to suspicious passenger behavior.

But the trial could prove useful to the larger public if it finally clears up what actually happened at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Nov. 20 -- the facts are still much disputed -- and if the judge sets out some guidance on what's appropriate behavior when cultures clash.

Yes, thank goodness the court system will be there figure out this "divisive' situation for us. Lord knows we don't have any other institutions in town with the resources and expertise to investigate facts and report them. Now back to the monopoly newspaper, featuring these vital stories on the front page of its web site.

To be fair, the Star Tribune does break some news on the story, Metro columnist Katherine Kersten once again exceeds her job description and fills the breach with some actual reporting.

1 comment:

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