Monday, June 18, 2007

Separated At Birth?

A vat of thousand island salad dressing and...

...a bowl of soup?

Maybe not for 99.997% of humanity, but apparently they bear a striking resemblance in the eyes of United States Senator Amy Klobuchar. If you missed the Loon of the Week clip from last Saturday's NARN show, you can now listen to Senator Klobuchar--recently voted "funniest" in the class of freshman Senators--regale us with amusing tales of embarrassment and humiliation here. The recap of her "salad days" in the Senate comes after a side-splitting story about her eunuch's husband's new role in Washington.

This is Senator Klobuchar's second Loon Of The Week award in the past three months, making her an early contender for the coveted Loon of The Year honor. It's also interesting to note that despite criticism that we haven't done enough to promote feminist causes, a full 55% of our 2007 Loon of The Week winners have been women. And without an intrusive government quota system either. The sisters truly are doing it for themselves.

UPDATE: Nihilist In Golf Pants: Top 11 Reasons Amy Klobuchar Was Voted Funniest Freshman Senator

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